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The Summerween Trickster by FromWinterToSpring The Summerween Trickster :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 8 3 Welcome to Night Vale... by FromWinterToSpring Welcome to Night Vale... :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 2 3 that girl has the heart of a lion by FromWinterToSpring that girl has the heart of a lion :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 2 17 On candystripe legs... by FromWinterToSpring On candystripe legs... :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 3 12
That Christmas Eve
There was snow blanketing every inch before us, white and soft while it crunched softly beneath our boots. We sniffled while our noses turned red from the chill, and suddenly everyone could sympathize with Rudolph. Rosy-cheeked children slid past on anything from brand new sledges to garbage can lids, laughing while they spun in the cleanest mess of ice, dodging trees and rocks and patches of dead weeds. It was not a pretty place, and yet it was beautiful, for the evening was beautiful, and the faces were beautiful, and the laughter was Christmas itself.
Father Christmas watched closely by, and a million tongues uttered his name while the sun touched the horizon, and its all-encompassing rays were blotted out by treetops and sticky snowflakes.
You may have caught the sound of bells, had you been standing where I stood on that Christmas Eve. You may have seen a flourish of red in the sky, carried by winter winds and reindeer of fantastic majesty. And you may have, for a moment, believed
:iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 1 0
Pokemon Trainer and her Swampert by FromWinterToSpring Pokemon Trainer and her Swampert :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 5 2 The Boy in the Fog by FromWinterToSpring The Boy in the Fog :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 0 10 portrait of a little girl by FromWinterToSpring portrait of a little girl :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 1 18 Rose Red - for Daft-Enigma by FromWinterToSpring Rose Red - for Daft-Enigma :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 2 9 Little Vampire Chibi by FromWinterToSpring Little Vampire Chibi :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 2 32 this ugly fellow happens to be dead by FromWinterToSpring this ugly fellow happens to be dead :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 5 20
He decorates graves with stolen flowers
I watched from nearby.
He was here again, and he was sad. Flowers of all kinds wilted in his grasp. Tighter, tighter he clutched them as tears prickled his eyes.
"You're choking them," I told him, but he didn't listen. He hadn't listened to me in years (though he certainly spoke to me a lot).  The flowers' frayed stems told me he hadn't bought these. He never had the money to spare, anyway. I wanted to tell him not to waste his time ripping flowers from the neighbor's garden on my behalf, but it probably wouldn't have stopped him.
He kneeled in the grass. I smiled, though I wanted to cry (and would have, if I could have).
"I'm right here," I whispered. (All he heard was a fluttering leaf in the gentle breeze.)
"These are for you," he said. He wiped his face with the back of his sleeve and gently placed the suffocated flowers by my head.
"You crushed them again," I laughed. (All he heard was the creak of the black gate.)
Just as the wind began to pick up, he leaned over and ki
:iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 1 8
The Traveler and the Poet
There was a poet on the train that evening. At that hour, he was the only one in this car. Only one train ran this late into the night.
(On occasion, it would thunderstorm, and the raindrops pelted the train like a drum. Drrrum, drrrrrrrrum. Accented by the thunder, it was practically a symphony. The poet did like those nights.)
There was a time when the poet could sit alone, gaze out the window, contemplate the darkness. He could dream. He could nightmare.
(His eyes never stopped wandering. In the daytime, they ran to the horizon and back; they skipped among flowers, climbed trees, met new people, greeted old friends, and then returned to their owner on the train. At night, they plunged fearlessly into the abyss, not really looking for anything. And the poet saw everything.)
His alone days came to an end when the words began to overflow. They practically oozed from his pores. They ran from his lips every time he spoke. They graced his ears when he listened. They lived in secret places
:iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 3 10
Young Remus Lupin by FromWinterToSpring Young Remus Lupin :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 6 11 Miniature Stan Shunpike by FromWinterToSpring Miniature Stan Shunpike :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 3 11 Riverboy by FromWinterToSpring Riverboy :iconfromwintertospring:FromWinterToSpring 5 10


The Hiding Place by SachaKalis The Hiding Place :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 4,369 145 Reins by TomasProchazka Reins :icontomasprochazka:TomasProchazka 2,726 131 The legend of giants by NataliaRak The legend of giants :iconnataliarak:NataliaRak 5,782 308 Himba Girl by enohla Himba Girl :iconenohla:enohla 621 90
I'm back.
:iconboblea:boblea 2 24
Garden Filigree by SpiritGlade Garden Filigree :iconspiritglade:SpiritGlade 3 4 Speed Grapher by JohnKyo Speed Grapher :iconjohnkyo:JohnKyo 6 1
Rubies - a warning
In the future,
I will make more tea,
entertain more guests,
and fix the typewriter.
It gets stuck on the unimportant characters,
like “A”s.
I will send more letters
and write revealing
exposÚs to people I have never met.
Strangers in a 3 AM Walgreen’s will know
all my secrets,
my dramas,
and my dreams.
They’ll know the names of all
my cats and not cats.
I will finish my novel somewhere ordinary –
or maybe I will fall in love with Peru
and become a hermit.
One day, I will like the taste of wine.
I will live out of a knapsack and travel
one foot at a time
across borders like French and Spanish coasts,
nestle in Romania, and memorize
the faces of their grannies -
because wrinkles tell better tales than
palms ever could.
I’ll learn to fly and
spend some lonely nights asleep
in foreign graveyards,
listening for stories never told.
Because she is much braver than I.
Rich, emerald jungles will unfurl their treasures to me:
the queen of small junk collection
:iconshesaidletitrain:SheSaidLetItRain 1 2
My mind is weary.
I am missing my precious wings -
I tore off an arm -
my feathers to fly,
and now they lay bloody at my feet
because I thought I could outsmart a god.
I am dying,
slowly, because I swallowed too much water
while drowning in the tub again.
And I wish I could swallow swords instead
because I would be akin to the circus of my mind.
A dancer,
circling time
and nothing else but time.
A magician trying to read the same
ten thousands lines
and choking on the words.
He can't cast a spell or
change water into wine.
Seven doves fly from his sleeve -
more free than I.
But it doesn't matter at all to me,
for I am The Hermit
III of swords,
an upside down Emperor
in The Tower,
waiting for Death.
Those were not the cards I was expecting,
and I am not pleasantly surprised.
My mind is still weary,
trying to change fates and chase away time.
:iconshesaidletitrain:SheSaidLetItRain 2 0
Fisher girl by ShadowDharma Fisher girl :iconshadowdharma:ShadowDharma 283 40 Tsar Kazimir VI by SpiritGlade Tsar Kazimir VI :iconspiritglade:SpiritGlade 2 7 Prince Zuko by twinfools Prince Zuko :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,580 69 The Priestess by missingXpeice The Priestess :iconmissingxpeice:missingXpeice 2 0 Sweet heart, what have you done to our love? by missingXpeice Sweet heart, what have you done to our love? :iconmissingxpeice:missingXpeice 1 6 forever young by missingXpeice forever young :iconmissingxpeice:missingXpeice 1 0


It's a right shame that I don't have any big plans this year, but I hope you all enjoy the day! After that, I'm off on another NaNoWriMo expedition, which probably won't be any more successful than last year's (note: unsuccessful). Either way, it'll be a wonderful time and I hope we can all formally extend Halloween through to the Christmas season. We need more spookiness in the world.


I am many things. I am only me.

I go on deleting binges in which I clear pieces that I no longer like from my gallery. I also go on uploading binges in which I spam people's inboxes with crap that will likely be later subjected to my aforementioned deleting binges.

I appreciate constructive criticism, as I still have a lot to learn.


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And then there's me, never doing that until two weeks later.

Okie dokie, see ya!
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