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There was snow blanketing every inch before us, white and soft while it crunched softly beneath our boots. We sniffled while our noses turned red from the chill, and suddenly everyone could sympathize with Rudolph. Rosy-cheeked children slid past on anything from brand new sledges to garbage can lids, laughing while they spun in the cleanest mess of ice, dodging trees and rocks and patches of dead weeds. It was not a pretty place, and yet it was beautiful, for the evening was beautiful, and the faces were beautiful, and the laughter was Christmas itself.

Father Christmas watched closely by, and a million tongues uttered his name while the sun touched the horizon, and its all-encompassing rays were blotted out by treetops and sticky snowflakes.

You may have caught the sound of bells, had you been standing where I stood on that Christmas Eve. You may have seen a flourish of red in the sky, carried by winter winds and reindeer of fantastic majesty. And you may have, for a moment, believed in a story that died in your heart years ago, only to be reinvigorated tenfold by the magic you beheld.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night."
I do wish this was nonfiction. I do. Unfortunately, it's not.

Merry Christmas, everyone <3

(Written for my friends, ~SheSaidLetItRain and ~missingXpeice, two lovely people whom I miss dearly.)

(c) me ;D
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December 24, 2012
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